Service Department

No appointment necessary.


Before coming in, make sure to turn off

"Find My Device" On ALL iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS products.


Also please backup your device before coming in; for privacy reasons, we cannot back it up with our equipment.






macOS Repairs & Replacements


AppleCare Warranty Repair

If your Mac is covered by AppleCare, we can support it!

- Minimal downtime

- We service all current Apple Recall programs

- Costs are minimal compared to same service without AppleCare.


Out of Warranty Repair

If your warranty for your Mac has expired, we can still help!

- We can repair failing components on the computer

- We warranty our workmanship for 90 days

- Products labeled "vintage" or "obsolete" by Apple can still be serviced, although we cannot guarantee availability of parts.



Is your data safely backed up to another device in case of failure?

- We sell external drives for back-up storage

- We can show you how to setup Time Machine on your external storage device

- Big Rock Communications is not liable for any loss of data due to any work performed on your machine. Please ensure all data is backed up prior to coming in.

iOS / watchOS / tvOS Repairs & Replacements

Apple Authorized Repair.

- AppleCare+ & Out of Warranty Repair

- Screen only repairs are a 48-72 hour turnaround period but fully supported through AppleCare+

- Devices replaced through AppleCare+ can be subject to a deductible fee. The fee will vary by product.


We are not able to do any work relating to recovering lost Apple ID passwords etc. Those requests are handled through 1-800-MYAPPLE.


- Click here for whole Unit Replacements and

  Same Unit Repairs


Other Repair services we offer

- Apple Cinema and Thunderbolt Displays

- Apple AirPort and Time Capsule


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