Cellular devices are great, but there are limits to their performance. Geography and placement of cellular towers impact range and coverage of these devices, but what happens when you find yourself out of this area? That’s where Globalstar picks up the slack.


Big Rock Communications have partnered with Globalstar to provide quality devices on a quality network that allow you to stay connected whether you are hiking in Kananaskis Country or flying out of Inuvik. These devices run on a reliable network, provide fast speeds for a satellite based phone service and offer CDMA quality voice calls. Talk loud or whisper quietly, you are guaranteed to be heard.


Once upon a time, these devices would cost thousands of dollars to acquire. They have now become quite reasonable to afford, and if paired with the appropriate rate plan, you can quality to get them for nothing up front with a 12-month commitment. If you do not wish to commit for 12 months but do need them for a finite period of time, we at Big Rock Communications rent our units out to you. We rent them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Globalstar also is partnered with SPOT, which offer a variety of satellite connection tools and asset trackers. These affordable, yet compact devices offer alternative means to stay connected when outside of a regular cellular network, and can be activated from the comfort of your own home.


Come on into Big Rock Communications and see how with Globalstar and SPOT, we can keep you connected where your smartphone service ends.




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