TELUS Fleet Complete

TELUS Fleet Complete is a unique fleet, asset, and mobile

workforce solution which provides you with the ability to

track and manage your vehicles and mobile workers, and

optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform.



  • Tracks the real-time location, speed and travel direction of your vehicles


  • Captures vehicle data such as status of ignition, battery voltage, door sensor and power take-off (PTO) sensor


  • Optional enhanced features: Satellite Failover: connectivity in remote areas where cellular network is out of range


  • A core solution for any business with vehicles on the road to help manage and maintain their fleet and costs


  • Monitors Engine data and DTC Codes* to help reduce fuel, maintenance, and other operational costs




  • Electronically logs the driver working hours and calculates driver’s available driving time


  • Audit-ready roadside inspection reporting and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports


  • Helps simplify compliance with US ELD regulations for fleets operating in the US


  • Available on Android 4.0 and higher, or iOS 4S or higher




  • Monitors the location of high-value assets such as equipment, packages, and cargo


  • Uses an asset tracker device with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 3 years on a single charge


  • With motion sensing and real-time notifications, always be alerted when an asset moves


  • Ideal for a business looking to  track assets other than vehicles or employees/handsets such as: trailers, heavy equipment, mobile buildings or other machinery that is moveable


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